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Leaky pipes cause panic

1 March 2008 · No Comments

On Tuesday morning, my worst German (apartment living) nightmare was realized. While Heather was in the shower, the insurance man (their office is directly below my apartment) rings the bell and tells me that water is pouring out of his ceiling!!! The floor of the bathroom was dry, so the house master called the plumber, ripped open the bottom of shower and discovered the complete underside of the shower was filled with water. My stomach was tied up in knots with this experience – mostly because there was water pouring out of the ceiling downstairs, and everyone who came upstairs to work on this did not speak any English. My German skills were more than put to the test! We had to take baths for a couple days, but everything seems to be in working order now. I was able to take a shower this morning and the shower floor (it won’t be completely sealed up for another week) is dry. Luckily, since this was not my fault, I will not have to pay for anything. I am very happy this nightmare is nearly over.

Looking for the problem

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