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Heather in the Black Forest

26 February 2008 · No Comments

Heather Best, a friend from Fairbanks, made the long flight to Freundenstadt, Germany (located in the famed Black Forest) to compete in the World Winter Triathlon Championships. The winter triathlon combines running, biking, and skiing – supposedly all on snow. Paul and I ‘road tripped’ down to watch to her compete. The conditions were less than ideal for the participants, but amazing for the spectators with temperatures rising to nearly 20°C with very blue skies and strong sun.

The ‘winter’ portion of the winter triathlon was all but missing. There was very very little snow to be found, and what was found, was scraped up (complete with gravel, grass, branches, dog crap, …) and spread over the ski loop – only a few meters wide. The bike and run portions where completely off snow and mostly dry. I think it would be difficult to train for these conditions living in Fairbanks during the winter. Although she did not appear to be too happy with her result, it was a lot of fun to watch her compete. It was also great to really feel the sun – the first time in quite a while – and visit the Black Forest.

Where are we going???First Heather sighting.Paul waiting for the start.The Starting LineFirst Running LapComing into transition area.Skiing transitionHeather on the ski portion.Heather after the race.After the race.Paul and Heather enjoying the sun.Sun and coffee.  Great combination.Ouch.  Ski fall damage.

All images and a couple movies from the race can be found in the image gallery.

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