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In like a lion and out like a lamb ??

3 March 2008 · No Comments

Isn’t the month of March saying ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb?’ March arrived this past weekend with a very strong storm sweeping across central Europe, killing some 14 people. Most of the severe damage and accidents took place south of Potsdam. However, there were still a fair amount of broken branches lying around.

Despite the wind and rain, I ventured out to the local Potsdam Turbine fußball game yesterday morning. The winds were still quite strong. Any ball kicked very high off the ground seemed to take abrubt sharp angle turns in mid-flight. There was one sight that I found very funny. Standing next to me was a man holding a small umbrella with one hand to protect himself from the wind and rain. The wind was much too strong for the umbrella, so it sort of folded/collapsed around his head. With his other hand, he was battling the umbrella to get his beer to his mouth, while at the same time trying to peek out from under his trap to watch the game. I very much wished I had my camera to capture this. It would be much easier to describe with a photo. Oh well. It made me laugh a bit.

Speaking of going in like a lion and going out like a lamb (dove??), on Thursday the Daily Show had a very funny segment describing W’s recent trip to Africa. Maybe something good will come out of this presidency. Hard for me to get my head around that idea ….

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