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EGU — Day 1

15 April 2008 · 2 Comments

I am now in Vienna ‘live-blogging’ at the European Geophysical Union meeting. I arrived on time (although I almost missed my train to the airport) to very sunny, warm, and a green city. Spring is definitely coming to Europe! Last weekend in Potsdam it really felt like spring. I am happy about this. Yesterday was a good day at the EGU. Some interesting talks in the state of the cryosphere and the remote sensing of the cryosphere sessions. Sina’s poster also went over pretty well with some nice discussion.

I came away with 3 messages from the talks and discussions yesterday — 1) ‘Modeling is easy, but it is worthless.’ (an actual conclusion in one of the talks yesterday morning); 2) Remote sensing products are so good that field based measurements/studies are no longer necessary; and 3) Field based studies are critical (more than ever) for remote sensing community/products. Now I don’t know what to think. Maybe it is time for me to start a new career path applying my until-now-useless psychology minor. I am not sure what I can do with it, but at least I won’t be running in (until now unrealized) circles (based upon my day one take home messages) any more. Now that is a horribly constructed last sentence.

Yesterday was also good as I ran into Ted and Martin – two friends from Fairbanks. Ted is now a big-wig at BAS spreading propaganda on BBC about how Santa Claus’ home will never exist again after next summer. Martin is the same Martin I met up with in Z├╝rich a few weeks ago. Ted and I had a nice lunch sitting outside at an Italian cafe. We are staying in a nice apartment near the convention center. I slept very well (a welcome change since I have not slept well recently). We started the day in a cafe. Today is a slower EGU day – a day of just sitting in on different talks in different topics areas that I am curious about. I may venture into the city center this afternoon (the weather is not as good today, so maybe Thursday). Tomorrow will be a busy day with lots of talks and my poster presentation.

UPDATE: The comments about running in circles and making a career change were all made very much in jest. I very much believe that science (or anything else really) must be holistically approached. Systems are just too complex to use only one approach. I just found these messages from the speakers amusing.

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  • 1 Dana // Apr 15, 2008 at 12:07

    Enjoy the quiet day at EGU, and good luck on the career decisions! I guess the important thing is what the people who have the money think, that might help you decide whether to do rem sensing or field studies (or modeling). Good luck :) !

  • 2 Paul Overduin // Apr 16, 2008 at 19:17

    Glad to see some live blogging going on! Athletes often also go in circles (ovals). I don’t think they mind as much. Maybe the take-home-meta-message is not to listen to the generalities in anyone’s talks.