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European Hopping – Easter weekend in Zürich

27 March 2008 · 1 Comment

Last weekend I spent the long (4 day) Easter weekend in Zürich, Switzerland with Ryan, Hil, and Sophie. Yep, two weekends in a row hanging out with these guys. I am pretty lucky. Two great weekends back-to-back!

I arrived early Friday morning (after a late night out with Konni watching the Blue Man Group in Berlin). First thing, brunch at the apartment. Dana and Martin (friends from Fairbanks, Martin is on sabatical in Zürich until late summer) arrived with their two kids. It was great to sit around and talk a while. After brunch, they headed off to the mountains, while I headed off to the couch for a bit of a nap. The weather was pretty lousy, so I did not feel so bad about taking a nap.

On Saturday, the sun came out and we headed off to the mountains for an afternoon of sledding. There is a small ski resort about 1.5 hour (by train) from Zürich that has a dedicated run for sleds. We rented out sleds and headed down (even Sophie). Ryan did an amazing job of keeping on the sled while keeping Sophie with him. By the end of the day, I managed to bruise my bum pretty good (as well as Hil’s leg). At the end of a run, I decided it would be fun to steer toward Hil, thinking I would be able to stop right before hitting her. Well, I did the steering part pretty well, but I did not come even close to stopping before slamming into her. Luckily, only a bruise! We were pretty wiped out that night.

Sophie and Ryan down the hill.

Hil and the Alps

Easter Sunday we woke up to big snow flakes. Very un-Easter-ish if you ask me. We spend most of the day inside talking, hanging out, etc. Hil and I took a walk late in the afternoon to pick up some supplies for a night of Texas Hold’em Poker. Four of their Zürich friends showed up to play. It had been a long time since I had played poker and I had never played this game. For some odd reason (is luck an odd reason?), I ended up the big winner for the night. While I had a hard time losing hands, Ryan managed not to win a hand the entire evening! I think I played pretty well (strategy wise), but I think I am most proud of the fact that Ryan did not yell at me once the entire time. In the past (with other games), I have managed to frustrate him with my ‘logic.’ So all in all, another good day.

Easter Sunday Snow
Hilary and Sophie watching the snow fall from their balcony.

Monday was a short day as I had to return to Germany. We wandered around the city and had a nice lunch. While being fed some orange-red mush, Sophie decided it would be a great time to get an itchy nose. The itchy nose resulted in a very large sneeze and orange-red mush being sprayed all over the place (a large portion of this spray finding me). The table next to us could not stop giggling. It was indeed pretty funny.

Zürich chess game

Ryan and Hil talk about this weekend on their blog. The rest of my pictures from the weekend can be found here.

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  • 1 Dana // Mar 27, 2008 at 22:12

    Bob, it was great to see you too! Perhaps see you again on this continent in the near future, or the neighboring one.