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Beach ultimate in Barcelona

18 March 2008 · 4 Comments

Sophie and Ryan

Last weekend, I met up with Ryan, Hil, and Sophie in Barcelona to play some beach ultimate frisbee with Strange Blue (from Cambridge, England). I had a fantastic weekend! By far the best I have had in a very long time. It was a great weekend that was good for my soul.

Getting to Barcelona was fairly amusing and long process. It all started on Thursday night while packing. I had gone to the Costa Brava website and printed out all the information I thought I would need to get myself to the tournament. Without looking at the printouts, I finished my packing and stuffed my “information” into an envelope thinking I would have time to figure out my logistics in the airport or at the worst, on the airplane.

I had to take a taxi to the airport as the buses were on strike. The traffic was horrible from the train station all the way to the airport. The trip in the taxi took nearly 60 minutes (it usually takes me about 20 minutes in a bus). I arrived just in time for the Air Berlin personnel to make the final announcement for check-in. After checking-in, I did my first real ‘German asshole’ thing by crowding to the front of the very long security line as I was close to missing my flight (crowding to the front of the line is something I have found Germans to be very good at and something I really dislike). I guess I consider this to be part of my ‘German integration’ program. Once on the airplane, I took out my information and discovered that what I had printed out was complete garbage. The only thing I really knew was that I was going to Lloret de Mar and that I was playing in a beach ultimate tournament. I had no idea of my hotel name or even how to get from the Barcelona airport to Lloret de Mar. After getting some directions from the Barcelona airport information booth, I headed out on my way. I missed my first train by 2 minutes (and had to wait another 28 minutes for the next train), I had to wait another 30 minutes in the main train station for the 90-minute train ride to Blanes. After another 30 minutes wait for the short bus ride to Lloret de Mar, I finally made it to the town. A trip that should have taken me about 90 minutes total ended up being about 4.5 hours!!!! Once in the town, I still had no idea of where to go, so I wandered down the main street for a while until I ran into a bunch of people who looked like they might have an idea of what was going on in the town. They pointed me to the beach and told me to turn left (there was not much to the right). After a short walk, I ran into a few people throwing a disk around and I knew that I found my destination. The combination of being in a good mood and being too tired to care allowed me to laugh at this entire event. Every once in a while I find myself to be pretty amusing.

Playing with Strange Blue was great fun. We placed 11th of 26 teams, winning 6 of our 9 games. I had never played in a beach tournament before. I found playing in the ‘sand’ very difficult and more tiring than normal. It was sort of slow motion ultimate played at a fast pace. It was possible to make only one hard cut at a time — each time I tried to make multiple cuts, I just seemed to bury myself deeper and deeper into the sand. Some of my personal highlights (there were many many more) included bumper cars, gelado, drinking wine on the balcony, Sunday night ‘Ring of Fire’ complete with porn cards, going to the Sunday night party and being handed a barf-bag at the entrance, LOTS and LOTS of laughing, blue face paint, hard spirited play, great team spirit, lots of layouts, a hotel courtyard that turned into a European fußball game without the fußball game, and most of all hanging out with Ryan and Hilary (and Sophie).

I think the only bad thing from the entire weekend is that my limited knowledge of the Spanish language has been displaced by my very limited knowledge of German. Every time I wanted to say ‘gracias’, ‘danke’ came out of my mouth. Every time I wanted to say ‘por favor’, ‘bitte’ came out. Ja’s replaced si’s, nein’s replaced no, and so on. I knew what I wanted to say, but what came out was completely different. It is funny how the brain works sometimes.

Strange Blue on the BeachSand?Strange Blue after first game Sunday morning.Beach funShoe destruction.

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  • 2 Jen Delamere // Mar 20, 2008 at 4:15

    Hey Bob of the Blogosphere,

    While you enjoyed the fine beaches of Spain, I got started packin’ our bags for a trip to Fairbanks! Come by Boulder and visit us sometime….

    Thanks for these posts! I will enjoy reading them all.

    Jen Delamere

  • 3 Matthieu // Apr 2, 2008 at 21:06

    I would have loved to read the “Official” Strange Blue tournament report, unfortunately the link currently leads to a blank page. Any hint ?

    - matthieu -
    from xlr8rs, one of the team SB played on this occasion

  • 4 Bob // Apr 3, 2008 at 7:16

    Sorry about that. I think it is working now. I guess that happens when working on this stuff late at night.