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Letter to Editor Comment

27 May 2009 · No Comments

Only in Fairbanks . Well, probably not… I find the people (most) that comment on the letters to the editor pretty absurd. I guess that is why I read them.  However, this one was good enough to post. A first for everything.  Enough for now.

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5/26/2009, 10:10 a.m.

  • no, i do NOT see any reason for reducing “green house gas emissions”. i do NOT see any need to trying to move to “renewable” energy sources. our senator does NOT need to be onboard with any of this. alaska is in the business of selling fossil fuels. this is like asking mcdonalds to move towards selling only fruits and vegetable type health food. it isn’t what they do. and i don’t think in alaska we want our utility companies straddled with stupid rules that will only work in the lower 48 (and probably not even there). how much is this going to cost us? andrea… organizations like yours need to be put OUT of business.

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