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Crazy big

17 May 2009 · No Comments


Alaska is a crazy big place, so different than nearly all the places I have been these past couple years.  In the past month, I have seen a lot of this incredibly big and beautiful state.  The 2nd week of work was spent with Kenji traveling all around the state and helping a bit with his outreach program.  I have mentioned this before, but I really like what Kenji is doing.  The kids really seem to respond to Kenji, Tunnel Man, and what he is doing.  An incredibly lucky opportunity for me.


A couple weeks ago, I took a road trip down to Anchorage to attend the AWRA conference.  I made a quick trip into Denali NP as the weather was unbelievably good – amazing sun and over 20C.  It is really really difficult to beat that hanging out in the park with such fantastic weather.  The conference was good – saw many people I had not seen in a while. Very good for me to re-introduce myself to the community here. It was also great to see Gayle, Alex, Crane, Wendy, and Jer (and a whole bunch of little ones).


Last weekend, I went with Ann, Kat, and Sveta down to Denali for the pre-season bike ride. This is one of my favorite trips I enjoy.  Before the tourists arrive and the buses begin to run, the road is opened up until mile 30 for vehicles.  After that point, the road is closed to vehicles, but bikes and hiking is allowed.  So we biked up to Polychrome Pass and back (50 km total). We saw most all the big animals, except wolves – but we did see tracks.  Great, great day.


Here are the rest of the pictures with Kenji, the road trip, and bike trip into Denali.

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