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Back in the ‘Banks

23 April 2009 · No Comments

After about 2.5 years, I have finally made it back to Fairbanks.  On the return from Nicaragua, I stopped in Boulder for a few days to visit with Peter and Jen. We went up to Brainard Cabin – a place Peter has been visiting since he was a wee lad.  Very fun and very nice.    It had been too long since I had seen them.  Hopefully I will make it back there fairly soon.

My return to Fairbanks has been good.  The transition back into town has been a bit rougher, but not bad, than I was expecting.  I spent a lot of time visiting friends and family and getting logistically set up – bank accounts, car, starting to work again,  etc.  At times it was a little ovewhelming going from Nicaragua to USA. For example, going to Safeway in Boulder was completely overwhelming. I spent much time just wandering around with just so much stuff.  Another example of the strangeness was going from this little village in Sabana Grande where I was walking everyday on dusty dirt roads to driving around in a (almost) new hybrid car.  It just did not seem right.  Alaska is different than many places, but it very much feels like I have been going from extreme to extreme.  I guess this will settle down a bit.

I left Nicaragua with mixed feelings.  It was definitely a great experience. I have been asked if I got out of it what I was hoping.  The answer to this is definitely ‘Yes.’   I think I managed to experience most every emotion – frustration, anger, happiness, being proud, etc.  I did manage to learn much about myself, step back and take a look at what is going on around me, and many other things.  At this point I feel this was a once in a lifetime sort of event for me and I am glad I was able to take advantage of it.

Now that I am back in Fairbanks and things are sort of settling down, I hope to be able to do a better job of keeping up with posting on the blog.

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