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El Guapo Turns 26(7)

19 March 2009 · No Comments

Today is my last day in Nicaragua. The past few days have been a little crazy but fun. After spending a few days in Granda, we decided to head to Corn Island, located in the Carribean Sea. We originally wanted to go there for New Years, but the timing did not work out. This trip was meant to be 4 days, but was shortened to one after we both baked ourselves in the sun (literally and not in a good way). So after 24 hours, we flew back to Managua and then got on a bus up to León. Yesterday, we hiked to the top of 3 volcanos (2 active, 1 not so active). It was a great way to end an amazing journey. Our guide was this amazing man of 60 years that walked up and down the volcanos with no effort at all. He then mentioned that in 10 years of guiding on the volcanos, nobody has ever done 3 in the same day and he thought we were both quite fit. He then guessed our ages – me 26 or 27 and Mareike 23. Pretty funny, but made me feel good (although I was more than quite happy just to be able to keep up with our guide). I look forward to sharing more stories and showing pictures with everyone soon.

This afternoon will be spent travelling back to Managua and I leave early in the morning back to the US. More pictures will be uploaded when I am back.

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