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<1 (week) and done!! -- Grupo Fenix, Final Part

7 March 2009 · No Comments

Success! The wind generator is up in the air, producing a (wee) bit of electricity, changing with the wind directions, and stopping when wind speeds are too high (to avoid snapping the blades). I am very proud and satisfied with all this.

I have received a few emails wondering if I am just completely frustrated with the volunteering or if I am enjoying myself here. The answer is definitely both. The entire journey has been a truly amazing experience for me. It is hard to believe that it is actually ending very soon. Working at the Solar Center has been very frustrating throughout my stay here (although there have definitely been some good days). It has taken a very long time for the community to really understand and accept our project as being useful to them in the long term. There has also been some clashes with another personality (another volunteer) that has made the work more difficult than necessary. BUT, I am feeling very satisfied that our project is working (when nearly everybody said it would not work or that we would not have enough time) and the community realizes it is a positive (and big) step for the center as well. It is also true that I had no real idea what to expect with the ¨volunteering experience¨except I knew that it would be an experience – and this has proven true. I knew it would be different, challenging, at times hard, etc. I had no way to anticipate what would be challenging or hard or what would frustrate me or anything, but I now understand and appreciate much more than I did when I arrived 9 weeks ago. I see all these things as positive for me.

I have less than a week left at Grupo Fenix, leaving either Thursday (maybe Friday) morning. I will spend about a week traveling around visiting favorite places before heading back to the US. I will be in Boulder for a few days before heading home to Alaska. I will try to have more pictures posted in the image gallery by  tomorrow morning, but I doubt I will have time to blog or add more pictures before arriving back in the US.

UPDATE: New pictures of the wind generator are being posted here.

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