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Moving along

23 February 2009 · No Comments

A lot has happened and not much has happened in the past weeks since my last post.  The big news is that our little wind generator actually produced a bit of electricity on Thursday afternoon.  It was actually working on Tuesday, but WE (the ¨collective we¨which very much means ¨me¨) placed it on the side of the shed to drink a bit of coffee. A gust of wind came up and blew it over resulting in a busted blade.  We decided to redo the blade with a double thickness which I think will be much more stable in the long run.  The next steps are putting the foundation together, getting it into the air, and figuring out some way to control what little flow of electricity it produces.  The staff at the Solar Center seem pretty excited about it and we have definitely generated a bit of interest in the project.  Needless to say, I am pretty proud of the work we have done and we are doing.

The past weeks have also been a bit frustrating with the volunteering experience.  I have had the feeling that the work done will just sit around and not be continued or utilized.  This is especially true for the rain gage and weir (I still need to put that together).  I have had some other issues with the staff, the appearance of the center, the apparent stagnation of the mujeres (woman´s cooperative), etc.  However, after some long discussions with people within and external to the center, I am starting to feel like I am moving beyond the frustration and starting to understand what is going on a bit better now.  I think this is pretty true of the whole Nicaragua experience – many of the things that really bothered me at first have very little effect on me now (best example is dealing with the overcrowded busses and bus stations in general).

Nearly every weekend, we travel to some new part of Nicaragua. Last weekend, we went to Laguna de Apoyo which was pretty amazing place to relax.  It was very much needed after a very frustrating week.  This weekend, I am back in León (with a quick visit to the beach) for another extended weekend. I have added some new pictures of Sabana Grande (beginning on the 4th page), Laguna de Apoyo, and the wind generator.  After this weekend, I have only 3 more weekends (3.5 weeks total) left in Nicaragua.  Time is definitely flying past me.

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