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1 February 2009 · No Comments

The hot water shower at the hotel in Estelí. Finding a hot water shower in Nicaragua is a pretty rare thing. I managed to see a bit of a spark (inside the head) when trying to turn down the heat. Definitely a bit more exciting than I like my showers to be.

The other yikes:

  • Spanish school: 4 weeks, done
  • Christmas/New Year Holiday travel: 2 weeks, done
  • Solar Culture Class: 2 weeks, done
  • Volunteering with Grupo Fenix: 8 weeks, 2 weeks complete.

I have just completed the 10th week of my 16-week journey to Nicaragua. It is crazy how fast the time is passing by.

The projects we have taken on are now starting to move. At times, it has been a pretty slow process – hard to get an email reply to questions, hard to get approval, hard to find anything, running in circles, etc. However, our first wind sock should be in place by Tuesday, the rain gage has 4 days of data (recording 1 mm precipitation), we finally found a motor for the wind generator in Estelí (where I am now for the next couple hours), and the anemometer and data logger are on their way up from Managua. I really expect we´ll see some concrete progress in the next week or two.

The internet is slightly better here in Estelí than in Ocotal and I have finally been able to post some more pictures from the Solar Center (where I work) and the Sabana Grande (where I live) region.

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