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Grupo Fenix – Part 1

12 January 2009 · 1 Comment

I am now in Savana Grande, located about 20 km south of Octotal and about 40 km south of Honduras.  It is a very small little village that will never be located on a map.  The community here is by far, with no doubt, the most friendly, warm, and caring people I have ever met.  I think the only way I can really describe it is to imagine a town of 2000 people, with each person being a clone of Norma – really (no exageration or sarcasm).

My family is also pretty amazing. We spend a lot of time talking (only spanish) and laughing.  My spanish is good enough to communicate, but at times it takes a while for me and them to understand.  It will definitely get better with time and I will begin taking spanish lessons again in 2 weeks (only 6 hours per week, but it is needed).   The food has been really good, especially the coffee and fresh fruit I get every morning.  I also had the most amazing avacado a few nights ago as well. 

The past week plus has been spent in a Solar-Culture class learning about the community, solar power basics, organic foods, etc.  The class ends this upcoming week and the real volunteering begins the following week.  There have been some logistical & communication issues with the class that have been a little frustrating, but not very surprising. I am really looking forward to the training part ending the real volunteering part to begin.  At this point, I really think it will be a very good experience.

I think I will have time to post some pictures later this week or next weekend.

Hasta luego.

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  • 1 The Delameres // Jan 17, 2009 at 6:08

    Sounds and looks wonderful. Thanks for posting when you can. Winter is here in Colorado – lovely snow and a little wind. Your beaches do look very inviting!