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The Costa Rica – La Fortuna Experience

26 December 2008 · No Comments

The Costa Rica / La Fortuna experience is rapidly winding down. Tomorrow we will head off to Nicaragua, specifically San Carlos.  San Carlos is located at the southern end of Lake Nicaragua and will be our jumping off point to the Carribean Coast.

Our stay in Costa Rica has been a bit disappointing.  Generally, Costa Rica is a much different place than Nicaragua, much more money, much different topography (bigger mountains / volcanos), much cleaner, etc.  However, compared to the people in Nicaragua, I have found the people here in Costa Rica much less friendly, at times rude, and generally just don´t care.

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, I encourage you to avoid La Fortuna – a tourist trap of great porportions.  If you decide to visit, I would not book a tour through Expediciones Fortuna.  We booked two tours (walking tour of the volcano and boat trip to Caño Negro) that were very much misrepresented to us.  A walk that was to last 1.5 – 2 hours lasted about 20 minutes.  A boat tour that was to go into the National Park did not come close to the park.   Further, avoid the Cangreja Lodge.  This hotel quoted us one price and charged us another.  When we questioned the price, they became very rude.  With the exception of the lost passport, all of these things have been minor, but the cumulative effect has been large.  It will feel good to cross the border tomorrow and be back in Nicaragua.

I have posted a few new pictures of the weekend trip to Masaya, a few additional pictures of San Juan Del Sur (the package I mailed and the orphanage home party), and of Costa Rica.

I doubt I will have email access for the next week.  We are planning to be back in Managua on Saturday night, 3 January, to start our school on 5 January (and to give ourselves an extra day).

Happy New Year!!!

Hasta luego.

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