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Daily life in Nicaragua

9 December 2008 · No Comments

My daily life is now settling into a fairly constant and new routine.  I usually wake up between 6-6:30 and study, eat breakfast, go to class between 8-12, eat/relax for an hour, participate in the school activity in the afternoon (1:45 – 5), eat some more, study (usually in a quiet bar along the beach), and go to bed sometime between 9:30 and 10 p.m.  Weekends have been spent traveling (so far, Ometepe Island and Granda).

I spend very very little time on the computer.  I have been checking email only 3-4 days.  I have found this to be a pretty liberating thing.  Although I feel like I am busy for most every day (for the entire day), I finally feel like I finally have enough time in the day to accomplish everything I want to do.

The daily activities at the school have been pretty good. Everyday, the school organizes a new activity for the students (if a student chooses to participate, his/her teacher also participates).  Activities so far include learning to make Nicaraguan tacos, going to (numerous) beaches, and throwing a party for a school with special needs students.  There is talk about going to an orphanage in the next weeks (I hope this happens).  The party for the special needs students was a pretty cool experience.

Weekends have been spent traveling.  Two weekends ago, we went to Isla de Ometepe.  It is the largest island in the world that is located within a lake.  Two large volcanoes form the island and we climbed one of them (almost to the top – the volcano burped about 2 weeks prior and the guides were all hesitant to climb all the way to the top.  We made it to 1300 meters (of 1600 meters possible)).  We saw a number of birds and two species of monkeys.  Fun weekend.

Last weekend, we went to Granada to watch a large festival celebrating the ‘purity of Mary’.  This festival took place on Sunday and today is the festival celebrating the conception of Mary.  I guess time was measured a bit differently 2000 years ago with the time between the conception and birth lasting just over 2 weeks.  Granada was a nice city (although incredibly hot), but it definitely felt like it could have been located anywhere within Europe. We did a sea kayaking trip yesterday around some small islands that were formed when the top of a nearby volcano was blown into the lake.

I am starting to get a bit grumpy at all the noise and people yelling at me to get into their taxi, get into their bus, buy their cheap plastic shit, buy a soda, following much to close to me (after saying no thank you many times) and continuing to ask for money, etc. etc. etc.  I also feel like I have been taken advantage of a couple times – nothing major – but a bit annoying.  It is good Mareike (aka The Supreme Guide) is here to help keep it in perspective, but it still makes me just a bit grumpy.   This is very minor compared to all the good things going on right now.

Some new pictures of San Juan del Sur, Ometepe Island, and Granada are now being posted.  I still have not figured out a better solution for computer use yet, but these days it does not matter too much.

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