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Peep show

14 October 2008 · 1 Comment

One thing I find pretty interesting about this whole blogging thing is seeing who visits the site. It is always nice and fun to see when friends and family visit. I am also able to tell when people end up at my site from google or some other search engine. I long time ago, I saw a play called ‘The Prison Sex Show‘ and blogged about it using the same title. Since that time, I get 2-4 hits every month from people searching ‘hardcore + prison + sex’ or some combination thereof. That is pretty funny by itself, but I really find it amusing that the hits almost always come from around the Bible Belt of America – Kansas, Kentucky, Georgia, the Carolinas, etc. I guess those visitors end up very disappointed – they never visit other posts. I also get a few hits from other blogs – it is interesting to see where the people come from and go to. Finally, I seem to get a lot of hits from not-so-random people that I don’t know at all. For example, I seem to get a lot of hits (seems to average 1-3 per day) from Afton, Wyoming. I have no idea who this could be, but s/he seems to spend a lot of time looking around at all the pages. I think this person is more interested in my life than I am, which is both a bit creepy and strange. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am part of some peep show. I also just want to use the words peep show as much as possible to see how many more random hits I manage to get. I imagine I will get a few, but there no way will I get as many hits as Ed gets for his Bus 142 trips (I would guess >100 every day).

Note: This post is not meant to discourage my friends and family from visiting and seeing what is going on with me. It is just my thoughts on something I find interesting about the blog.

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  • 1 The Delameres // Oct 15, 2008 at 5:17


    We have to check your blog! I haven’t traveled abroad in so long now that I really enjoy seeing your travels and those of our other pals, like Ryan and Hil. Coming to Boulder anytime soon? You can blog from here….

    J. Del.