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3 B’s and an O (Beer, Billy, Bob, and Oktoberfest)

12 October 2008 · No Comments

When in Germany….

Last weekend, I took a long weekend to do a couple things I have wanted to do since I have been in Germany – Oktoberfest in Münich and see Billy Bragg in concert. My friend Alex, who is from Münich area and living in Berlin, has invited me the past couple years. Now that I nearly completed my stay in Germany, I knew it was time. I also convinced my friend Mareike that it would be a good idea for her to come along just to experience it. I am not sure how I did that, but I am glad I did.

Oktoberfest was different than I was expecting. I envisioned a big area with open tents and tables to belly-up to. I was expecting lots and lots of drunk people – that expectation was met. It was a wet day and we spent a long time standing outside hoping to get into a big tent – something we never managed to do. We did have some good food and drink and all and all it was a pretty good day. The incredible number of people began to wear on me after a while. I think in order to really truly enjoy Oktoberfest, you just have really really let go of all inhibitions and just go for it. Something I am not so good at. It was good and fun day – no complaints.

We left on Sunday morning to go to the Billy Bragg concert some 6+ hours away by train. Not thinking about the fact that it was the last weekend of Oktoberfest, we did not reserve seats. A big big mistake. We ended up having to sit on the floor of the train (in the area by the doors) the entire way – with people coming and going, luggage falling over, etc. A bit annoying. We arrived in Bochem late and a bit tired. We had to rush to the concert and upon arrival at the ‘concert hall’, we found a very very dark building. I was very frustrated by this point as I have been looking forward to seeing Billy play for quite sometime now. Just when I was about to give up, Mareike figured out that the concert hall was a hundred meters away in another building. We raced over and made it just in time. Once the band started to play, I was able to sit back and relax and enjoy the show. I thought that Rosanne Cash (also playing) was fairly mediocre — although to be fair, I was not sure what to expect from her as I was not familiar with her music beforehand. But Billy Bragg was really really good and worth the effort of getting there. I highly recommend anybody that has the chance, to go and watch him play. Now that I have seen Billy Bragg play, I feel I can leave Europe feeling good about what I have done and seen.

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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