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A relaxing weekend away

29 September 2008 · 1 Comment

Even after two years living abroad, somethings still strike me as odd. At lunch on Saturday, Ryan said ‘… last weekend when we were in Lisbon …’ and I followed with ‘… when I was in Istanbul a couple of weeks ago …’. Somehow those thoughts and realities sometimes just don’t seem right or something in the world is just out of place or just something. Although it has been a long time now, I feel like I should have been on Ryan’s deck in Fairbanks, eating salmon, drinking a beer, and enjoying the fall weather – that would not strike me as odd. I guess it will be a while before that reality happens again though.

Over the past two years (actually a bit longer now), I have been fortunate to have seen and traveled to some pretty amazing and interesting and fun places. The latest stop on this journey was a long weekend in Zürich visiting with Hil, Ryan, and Sophie – otherwise known as Family Woodard. It was a wonderful weekend. I was able to sit back and really relax and feel completely comfortable and at ease for a while – something I have not been able to do in quite a while.

Friday was spent with coffee, coffee and pastries, lunch with Ryan, a bit of a walk with Sophie and Hil in the hills above Zürich, a nap, dinner, talking, talking politics, talking life and just enjoying.

On Saturday, we celebrated Hil’s birthday (did what Ryan gave Hil as a BDay present, although her birthday was sometime ago (although I honestly don’t have a clue when it was)). We took the train out of Zürich to Weesen and started on a long relaxed walk along the lake Walensee to Quinten. Quinten is a very cool little town that grows grapes and sits at the base of some very nice mountains (in Switzerland, I think they are referred to as hills, in Berlin and surroundings, I think they would be referred to as Everest, Denali, and Kilimanjaro) on the edge of the lake. Lunch was spent at the local vineyard and a ferry took us across the lake to Murg where we caught our train back to Zürich. Although not so strenuous (I did not have to carry Sophie though), we all seemed pretty pooped at days’ end. I think we were all just pretty relaxed — I was anyway. One big highlight of the day was Sophie learned how to say her name. It is now pronouced ‘Soooooo pause pause pause FEEEEEE’.

On Sunday, after drinking coffe in the morning, we set off for lunch and a quick walk along the river, stopping at fountains, playgrounds, gravel paths (for Sophie to pick up rocks), and an early afternoon departure back to Berlin.

My plane was a bit late (20 minutes)— not surprising given my luck with planes recently. However, a minor miracle occured on my way home. The time between my arrival at the gate to the time I stepped foot in my apartment, was just slightly over an hour. Customs line was short for the non-EUers, luggage came out on time, bus left 2 minutes after stepping out of the airport, and the train to Potsdam left 1 minute after I arrived at the platform — just enough time to walk to the other end of the platform. I have never been that lucky before!!! It was a very very good weekend with my good friends. I think I will manage to get there one last time in November before my final departure. That will be good.

Hil’s post of the weekend can be found here.

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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  • 1 Greetings » Blog Archive » That Bob again // Sep 29, 2008 at 21:18

    [...] We can’t seem to get rid of him…..and we are very happy about that. We had a great weekend hanging out with the Bobster. He arrived Thursday evening so he and I got to spend some time together Friday morning while Soph was at Kikri and Ryan was working. In the afternoon Bob and I collected Sophie then went for a walk up in the Zurichberg hills. On Saturday we took the train to the other end of the Zurichsee (Lake Zurich) and on a little bit to the next lake (Walensee), which starts getting into the mountains. From Weesen we walked for about 3.5 hours along the north coast of the lake to Quinten, a very pretty walk – one to remember for future visitors. In Quinten we had local wine and very expensive local fish and chips. Then we got the boat across the lake to Murg and then got the train home. A very nice day. Sunday we relaxed, had brunch at our local bakery, walked along the river into town and that was about it. I hope we get to see Bob again before he heads away from this part of the world. During Bob’s stay Sophie learned how to say his name and her own. Thanks to Bob for the photos below. See his post about the weekend here. [...]