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Game on!

12 February 2008 · 1 Comment

Last weekend was my ‘game weekend.’ It started out on Friday night when I hosted ‘game night.’ I had been craving to play games recently, so it seemed like a good time to do this. A number of friends from work came over with the games and I made a lasagna and salad.

Game Night!

(clockwise): Emil, Konni, Torsten, Moritz, Maren, and Paul. I am not sure where Finny was hiding.

I was very happy when Emil left. He kept winning the games – especially the Memory game. He had close to twice the number of matches than everyone else. The memory game made me realize that my attention span capacity is slightly less than the volume of a peanut M & M. Torsten and I played some strategy game where you try to push the opponents marbles off the edge of playing surface (I don’t know how to describe it any other way.) I was told the best strategy is to keep your set of marbles grouped together to avoid being pushed off the edge. Well, it took all of about 3 turns before I seemed to be spread out all over the board. I lost this game twice (rather quickly). This game made me realize that I am entirely all too predictable. We finished the night playing a card game similar to UNO, but in a free-for-all manner. I did much better in this game, which was much more a game of reaction than strategy, skill, or luck.

I woke up early (5:30) the next morning to go to Leipzig to play with the Goldfingers in the German Masters Mixed (co-ed) National Championships. The field we played on in Leipzig is amazing. It is the size of a regulation size fußball (soccer) field with a no-slip ‘astro-turf’ surface. I heard that Leipzig was the training center of the former East Germany, so there are an abundance of great facilities there. I have now played in two different facilities here and both are very very nice.


The sport hall. There were four ultimate frisbee fields set up for play, going across the field.

While the field is great for the no-slip part, this no slip feature also applies to humans. I dove only one time the entire weekend and this is the result. This will take a while to heal.

Leipzig knee after dive

The Goldfingers did not fair so well, placing 25th of 29 teams. It was fun to watch the good teams play. Ultimate can be such a beautiful game when played well. Unfortunately, this was not my last Goldfinger experience. Bad play, bad chemistry, team mates complaining to each other on the sideline, team mates complaining to each other in the game, rubbish calls, very physical play, trash talking (for no apparent reason) … I actually had players from other teams talk to me about the way the Goldfingers were playing, lack of spirit, etc. It was the first time in a very very long time that I had zero fun playing – possibly negative fun if that is possible. This one is going to take a while to recover from.

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  • 1 Emily Y. // Feb 19, 2008 at 22:18

    Nice blog bob, the photo of your knee is kind of sick though. Frisbee looks like a nasty sport. see you this summer hopefully.