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Escape from the Krank Haus

26 September 2008 · No Comments

(and now a slight bit of back-blogging)

On my way home from Istanbul, I began to feel like something was not quite right with my throat.  By mid-week, I (along with everyone else in Potsdam) was down for the count.  On Wednesday, it felt like nobody on the campus was at work.  I went home early on Wednesday – pretty much straight to bed.  Thursday was spent mostly in bed.  After consuming more vitamin C than I can recall doing before, I was beginning to feel quasi-human again (Friday).  After being cooped up all week, I was feeling the need to break out of my own personal Krank Haus.

So what did the break out compose of?  Friday night, the local men’s fußball team (Babelsberg) played – so I went.  It was a fairly strange scene.  At the beginning of the 2nd half, the flares came out, smoke filled the stadium, flares were tossed onto the field, riot cops poured in, and beer and taunts poured onto the riot cops – and the game continued on all the while.  I just kept thinking to myself, “but this is Babelsberg”.  I was smart enough to buy an expensive seat away from all the action.

The rest of the weekend was also full and busy – Turkish coffee with P&J, visiting the Babylon Exhibition at the Pergamon Museum, Drachenfest kite festival (I really liked watching the kites), watching an ultimate frisbee tournament hosted by the Goldfingers (I was not feeling well enough to play), taking Emil to the Turbine Potsdam fußball game, and finally going to a percussion concert (Vanille-Orange) in Berlin.  All-in-all, I think I managed to escape my Krank Haus pretty well.

This weekend is in Zürich with Hil, Ryan and Sophie.

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