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Not bobster the lobster, but more than a bit crispy

31 August 2008 · No Comments

Yesterday, I went with the Goldfingers (or Fast Switchers, I am not sure) to Leipzig to play in a 1-day beach tournament.  The tournament consisted of 24 teams from all over Germany.    The team consisted of a few people with multiple years experience and a few more people with only a year or so experience.  We were definitely an inbetween-er team – too experienced to play in the junior division (which we did) and not good enough to be really competitive in the more competitive division.   I went in with very low expectations – just wanting to throw, swim, and run a bit for a day – and I was not disappointed in the least.  A very good and fun day.

The day started out pretty cool and cloudy (I started out with a jacket on in the morning).  I was not in the least prepared the sun and heat that came about noon.  I ended up getting pretty baked – my face, arms, and legs are quite lobster red looking now – not as bad was my sunburn in Florida – but still pretty bad.

Our team did pretty well.  I don’t think we lost any games, although we tied a few.  Our first few games were pretty competitive, our last few were not very competitive at all.  A few things I liked that were a bit different – the score was kept by hanging socks (white and black) on a clothes line (see image at the top of the post) and games ended on a whistle.  The whistle signaled three passes remaining – play stopped afterward.  No hard or soft caps, no adding points, just three passes and finished. Done.  Clean and simple.  I guess you have to have it that way when you are running a 24 team tournament in 1 day on 4 fields.

The girl haning socks in the top picture is Jenny from Leipzig. I have played with her with the Mother Tongue team before. She is much different condition than the last time I saw her.

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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