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Tangerine Dream on Steroids

14 August 2008 · No Comments

Last night I saw Sigur Ros at the Tempodrom in Berlin. A band from Iceland, I was not very familiar with their music. However, after watching this video, I decided it was probably worth going (just in case). The Tempodrom was an interesting place to see a show. I thought I was watching a show in a giant yurt. I was told later it was made to be or look like a permanent circus tent, a description which very much fits as well.

The support act was also from Iceland. They had a very new age sound with lots of synthesized sounds and strings. I am guessing that this was also their first tour – they were obviously quite young and they had to pick up their own stuff after the show. Musicians and crew in the same package.

Konni gave me a Sigur Ros cd a few weeks ago. I was expecting a new age relaxing sort of night. This is especially true given the giant Ikea lamp shades and the continuous running of the fog machine long before the show started. The show was very good, but very different than what I was expecting. The lead guitar/singer played with a violin bow (on the guitar), all the musicians kept doing the Chinese fire drill playing each others instruments, a lot of disparate sounds that seems to blend well together (xylophones, horns acting as a marching band, strings, keyboards, some sort of pump organ, etc). It was the last show on the tour with the horns and strings and the band really had a good time playing. At one point toward the end of the show, the string section had no idea what was going on and the crew on the side of the stage was going crazy (cheering) on the band as they kept jammin away. There was definitely a new age sound, but it very loud and very fast — but very good.

Here is a picture of Sigur Ros in concert from The Local – a German internet newspaper written in English for people like me – complete with giant Ikea lamp shades.

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