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Busy weekend

10 August 2008 · 1 Comment

Today I am in full recovery mode from a very busy, and very good, weekend. The weekend started out on Thursday night after work with Konni and I going to the Abenteuer Park. It was a lot of fun and very challenging (both muscles and nerves). We made it around three different loops in the 2 hours…. working our way backwards (from intermediate levels to fairly easy levels). By the end of the 2 hours and a 160m slide, we were both pretty tired and sweaty. Today (Sunday) is the first day I am not feeling my shoulders.

Getting ready with Konni

Getting ready… A bit nervous maybe??

Konni coming down the stairs.

Check out that ‘gun’.. Does that look like Kermit de’ Frog’s arm (Dave) ????

Getting ready for the slide. The rest of the pictures can be found here.

Friday night I went with Konni and Thorsten to the east side of Berling to watch the 2nd Berlin Short Film Festival. It was pretty fun, although I think that the film that probably won (I had to leave a bit early) was probably the one I understood the least. It was just two people sitting in swings talking to each other. The films that had some sort of movement, I was able to follow fairly well. Konni was there to explain all the points I missed (sometimes a lot of explaining was needed). The thing I really liked about the festival was that it was shown outside! It was fun sitting outside in the fresh air, listening to the wind in the trees, etc. I liked that a lot.

Saturday night I was invited by Alex, my friend now living in Berlin who is from Munich who I met in Fairbanks when she was an intern workting with Matt Nolan, invited me over for a bbq at her place. I had not been to that part of Berlin either. It was pretty nice area, although getting there was funny, but that is a different story. Anyway, good food, toooooo many beers, and a person who likes to mix drinks made for a fairly fun night and a pretty drunken bob. Today needless to say has been a very slow day in the life of Bob. I am happy it is raining outside. Makes it easier to be this slow.  Alex is going to lead me into another drunken state this fall when we go to Munich for Oktoberfest!

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