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A lot to going on, but no time to write

8 August 2008 · 2 Comments

I am beginning to fall behind in keeping up with this blog. I hope to be able to spend some time this weekend and catch up. We’ll see…

What is happening and what is on my mind?? Plans beyond Germany are beginning to fall into place. I am very excited about what is coming up and that everything seems to be FINALLY working out. Not all the pieces are in place, but they are close. Last night, I went to the crazy fly between trees on ropes and ladders theme park with Konni. It was a lot of fun and a bit scary at times… It made me sweat a lot and I am still a bit sore in my shoulders. After seeing a number of recent political ads run by his campaign, I am beginning to think that the Republican nominee for president is a pretty big dick with nothing to say except…. well, nothing at all – that is the problem. Ted Stevens, long time Senator from Alaska, was the latest in a long line of Republicans (you know, the financially conservative, moral and family values party) to get indicted. I am also getting a bit weary of the dumbing down of the population done by the media. Everyone is telling us how to think these days – TVs, blogs (right and left and mine), radio, etc. I have had a number of discussions about this over the past couple years and I really can not figure out why or how this is happening. Are we really that lazy to think for ourselves? I saw this cartoon on CrooksandLiars this morning and thought it was pretty good. I guess it was done by Steve Greenberg.

If a Republican gets elected (or manages to steal) his way into the White House, we deserve what we get.

Okay, I guess that is enough for now. With a bit of luck, more this weekend.

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  • 1 Dana // Aug 8, 2008 at 21:03


    good to hear your plans are falling into place. Let us know what you’ll be up to. We are leaving Europe at the end of the month (though we first have ten days in Ireland, we’ll see whether that means less rain than what we would have seen in Fairbanks). Good luck with everything.

  • 2 Bob // Aug 9, 2008 at 16:37

    Thanks Dana, I hope you have good travels back to Alaska. I guess I will be seeing you next spring.