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Barack is (was) in the house!

24 July 2008 · No Comments

Barack is in the house!

Tonight, I was part of an estimated 200,000+ gathering to watch Barack Obama give a speech in Berlin. The speech was a little shorter than I had expected, but I really enjoyed what I did hear. He claimed he was speaking as a ‘citizen of the world’ and not a candidate for president, but there were plenty of politics to be had.

Barack balloonAmerican beer??There has to be one... Complete with beer gut.The masses arrivingLots of American flags\'Black history in the making\' I like this.A hard night?  Nap before talk.and waitingMaren is for change.  Or rocking out, I am not sure which. Just funny

It is a little difficult to describe the scene. Initially, it felt more like a rock concert than a political speech. Many people filing in, hanging out, drinking beer, eating, and dancing. There were a number of workers there for people living overseas to register to vote. Lots of t-shirts, lots of stickers, lots of people. There were a couple warm-up bands (Maren claimed they were famous in Germany, I had never heard them before).

helicopter escortBarack on stage. More Barack on stage.

As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the talk. I felt the talk revolved around bridging the gap between the Atlantic Ocean (newly formed over the past 7 years) and helping those that need it most. One thing he mentioned I found interesting was the unsustainability of economic growth if the gap between rich and poor continues to grow as it has. I feel this is already being felt in many parts of the world, but I also believe this is even more true even the global nature of the world we live in. He received loud applause for ending the Iraq war and eliminating nuclear weapons. However, the loudest applause was centered around climate change. The Germans definitely take the climate change issue very seriously.

A good night. I am beginning to see a bit of light and hope at the end of this very very dark tunnel. I really hope his actions come remotely close to his words. I feel that living up to words is something we (the US) have not done a very well recently.

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A very funny video from the Daily Show. I felt this was sort of true tonight… Lots of press everywhere.

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