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A Sunday without Autos — at least for part of the day.

3 June 2008 · No Comments

On Sunday, I took part in some sort of ‘demonstration.’ I am not sure what the purpose or cause was, but it basically consisted of most all the roads (including autobahns) leading into Berlin were closed to autos and opened up to bikes. According to Paul, the police said there were 25,000 people and the organizers said some 250,000 people participated. I have no idea how many were there, it was just a lot.

I had originally planed on biking all the way in from Potsdam. When I arrived in Potsdam, there were bikes everywhere, but they were going in all different directions. Confused, I decided to go downtown to see if I could figure out where I was supposed to be and then off to Glienicker Brücke (Paul thought the route might go that way). Nothing downtown so I cut through Neuer Garten only to be stopped by the park police. The park police said something, I replied ‘My Deutch is schleckt.’ to which I was told to ‘get off my bike.’ Okay. By the time I made it to the bridge, I only ran into runners running the Potsdam marathon but no bikes. So then I rushed back to the train station and went to Wannsee. Fortunately, I made it there just as the bikers were leaving and they happened to be leaving right outside the train station… So I was a bit lucky there. The tour went from Wannsee all the way to the Brandenberg Gate in the center of Berlin. It took just over 2 hours (longer if you include my Potsdam time). Perfect weather, good spirits, lots of fun….

waiting to get onto the autobahn... close to Wannsee

Near Wannsee. It took somewhere between 30-45 minutes to get onto the autobahn. Bikes coming from all directions.

self portrait on the autobahn

I must be fast…. just look how the wind thins my hair…

looking ahead

near the end

music at the finish

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